Work Packages Objectives

WP0 - Management

This work package has the following objectives:

  • to undertake general project management and coordination activities;
  • to ensure liaison with the Clean Sky JU and other institutions wishing to contribute to the project (Eurocontrol, ICAO…); and
  • to review the work packages description and work plan, taking into account the possible comments provided by the SGO Consortium.

WP1 - Concept Definition

The main objectives of this work package are:

    • to analyse the new FM green functions and assess compatibility with TAP fleet and operations;
    • to define the flight tests to be conducted in the simulators; and
    • to assess the safety implications of the new FM functions.

    WP2 - Proof of Concept

    The objectives of this work package are:

    • to validate the concept definition developed during WP1 through simulations
    • to validate all safety assumptions taken in the safety assessment
    • to generate a first selection of candidate flights based in the simulation output.

    WP3 - Test Preparation

    The objective of this work package is the preparation of the operational green flight trials for its execution in WP4.

    WP4 - Flight Campaign

    The objective of this work package is to perform the execution of the flight demonstration as specified in the Operational Test Plan, and consolidate the data extracted during those flights, in preparation for the data assessment of WP5.

    WP5 - Green Flight Assessment

    The objectives of this work package are:

    • to assess the operational tests and verify the correctness of the operations, the acceptability of the green functions by pilots / controllers, identify potential blocking points for a wider deployment ;
    • to process and analyse the noise and emission data collected by the aircraft and the sensors, and to provide access to information to SGO; and
    • to conclude on the impact of the green functions using statistically sound comparisons of fuel / noise / CO2 / NOX during nominal operations and green functions trials.

    WP6 - Dissemination

    The objective of this work package is to set up the appropriate dissemination activities to raise awareness of the project and to disseminate the results of the studies performed among relevant aviation stake holders.

    Work Breakdown Structure

    The following figure present the project's work breakdown structure depicting the leader of each work package.


    The following figure presents the GANTT chart of the WP organisation, taking into account that T0 is May 12th 2014, and the final date is September 15th 2016 (T0+28).