The SGO (Systems for Green Operations), part of Clean Sky, aims at developing systems which enable environmentally sustainable flight operations. New operational concepts are being evaluated for integration in future flight management systems gener

ations, in order to minimize envir

onmental effects and provide more sustainable and green operations to airliners. Among those, the Multi Criteria Departure Procedure (MCDP), ECO STEP and Adaptive Increased glideslope (A-IGS) have been modelled and tested in a laboratory environment showing significant savings in terms of fuel consumption and environmental pollutants.

ATAEGINA project and team, aims at supporting Clean Sky SGO in the test and validation of these new functions within a nominal operational environment, which will provide the perturbation factors that could influence the expected benefits. This real-world testing will identify implementation issues, enabling requirements and will allow a more realistic evaluation of the expected benefits.

Latest News

Latest News

  • MCDP flight campaign started After successful MCDP execution in TAP simulators, the MCDP flight campaign started on December 2015, using the new concept for departing from Lisbon runway 03. The provision of the required parameters to perform the MCDP on-board were provided through the MCDP charts. Based on the meteorological conditions (temperature and headwind) and the aircraft TOW, flight crew were able to select from tables the MCDP parameters to be used in the departure operation. On ground, the Noise Monitoring Terminals Network was used for recording acoustic data on the airport surroundings during the MCDP flights.
    Posted Sep 19, 2016, 2:28 AM by Josep Montolio
  • MCDP Simulations in Lisbon At September 17th 2015, the first MCDP simulations were carried out by TAP in their Lisbon premises. The initial simulation flight trials were performed in the Full Flight Simulator A330/340 and  A320. During the post simulation analysis meeting, the pilots unanimously agreed that the MCDP execution was successful and that they did not find any significant operational issue.
    Posted Sep 19, 2016, 2:02 AM by Josep Montolio
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Project Objectives

ATAEGINA project is aimed to test three new green concepts (ECO STEP, A-IGS and MCDP), provided by SGO, on real daily operations, implying random perturbation factors and real flight conditions. As a first step, and after analysing the FM functions provided by Clean Sky and their compatibility with actual fleet operations and avionics equipage, the ATAEGINA Consortium will set up a series of scenarios to be run in TAP simulators. Those scenarios will be consolidated with the consortium members taking as first approach the preliminary trials flight plan provided in the ATAEGINA Technical Proposal.

The simulations will serve to evaluate the different safety risks that can appear due to these new FM functions, and to mature the operational procedures and get the feedback from pilots. With the outputs from the simulations, and taking into account the identified operational constraints for the trials (e.g. airport time/daily loads), the final flights candidate list per flight optimization type (ECO STEP, I-AGS and MCDP) will be defined. Data will be collected during the green flights for later post-process and comparison with historical data.